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A little over a year ago, actually, quite close to a year and a half ago, I was asked to take part in a new anthology of Pro Se Press's "Pulp Obscura" line featuring a lesser known Lester Dent character named "Foster Fade." As with nearly every opportunity Pro Se sends me, I immediately said yes.

What followed was some of the most fun I've ever had writing a character.

Foster Fade is in every way the opposite of Dent's most famous creation. While Fade has a bit of Sherlock Holmes deductive reasonings and Craig Kennedy's scientific education, he doesn't have Abraham Lincoln's goodness or manifest Christliness. 

Foster Fade is in it for the prestige, for the fun of it. A private investigator hired by New York newspaper to investigate crimes and--at least in the case of my tales--ends up a little over his head.

This anthology features not one but TWO of my stories: "Dead Men's Guns" and "The Black Rock Conspiracy". The former is based on idea my dad gave me when I was sixteen, so I can tell you finally being able to write this for him under such an auspicious license was an absolute honor.

These stories were an absolute blast to write, Foster Fade and Din being two of the most fascinating characters I've ever had the privilege to write, and I'm so happy to finally share their adventures with you.

The book is NOW available in softcover, for the Kindle, and the Nook.