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Doing the Impossible


April 8th will mark the wide release of my latest (and first from Moonstone Books) Green Lama stand alone story: SCIONS.

In every way this novella is meant to be an introduction to new readers unfamiliar with Jethro Dumont and his allies, as well as a deepening of the character's journey and the mythos he inhabits.

Writing for Moonstone has been a career long goal, their respect for licensed properties are second to none, and their dedication to get the Green Lama and my stories seen by a wider audience has been nothing short of humbling.

But we cannot rest on our laurels. With the release date fast approaching we're putting a concerted effort into getting the book into the hands of new readers -- folks who have never heard of the Green Lama, let alone pulp. And to achieve that goal, we're trying to do the impossible: Get the book into the Amazon Top 100. 

Make no mistake, this will be an uphill battle, one of the Quixotic affairs you so often hear about before reminding yourself you should really sit down and read Don Quixote one day. Book sales are tough, and unless you're Stephen King, you're basically shouting beneath the roar of a crowd. Certainly there are the exceptions to rule, those lucky folks who seem to appear from nowhere and instantly land a 12-picture deal with Sony. And while I have no illusions I will achieve that (though I would very much like to), I at least hope to break that glass ceiling of #100 so people who would otherwise never hear of the book and the Lama will take notice and maybe, just maybe, give a Buddhist superhero a chance.

So what can you do? Like. Share. Retweet. Buy. On every social media outlet -- or even in an email to your mom or co-worker or dog-sitter -- share this: #impossible

The more you share, the more it will be seen. The more it will be seen, the more people will click. The more people click, the more chances they're likely to buy. After that, it's up for the fates to decide, but the more we do, the more likely this series (and it is a series) will be able to grow beyond pulp and move into the mainstream. It's a hope -- because what isn't? -- but it's one I'd like the believe you share.

Thank you, and thank you, and thank you.