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HORROR Returns

Moonstone Books has officially announced that my Green Lama novella HORROR IN CLAY will be released this September!

The standalone novella is an expanded revision of the story originally published in 2008 and sets the stage for GREEN LAMA: UNBOUND, which will also be released later this year!

The book also features a brand-new cover by the astoundingly talent Mike Fyles

GREEN LAMA: “Horror in Clay” novel

Author: Adam Lance Garcia

Artist: Mike Fyles

$7.99, 100pgs, 6” x 9” 978-1-936814-86-2(5799)

New York 1938. The German Consulate has been attacked, leaving all but one of the Nazi diplomatic corps brutally murdered. Only Jethro Dumont, the Green Lama, and his associates, Jean Farrell, Ken Clayton and Lieutenant Caraway, can find out who’s behind this horrible crime. But as the Green Lama’s investigations deepen, he discovers a crime far greater than any ever committed by man, and learns a secret that will define the course of his destiny.